Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies

Real estate investment is fun! People who follow the strategies and tactics properly can make a lot through it. But if you fall prey to a bad company, everything will go in vain. That’s why it’s important to know some of the popular and reliable companies for your investment.

Today, we will share the Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies with you so that you can get the best choice for your investments no matter in which sector of real estate you invest in. let’s get started with our top choices for you!

Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies
Here is our list for your investments. Have a look!

American Tower Corporation

American tower real estate corporation is a leading investment company and founded in 1995. Their main headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the biggest real estate investment corporations in the US.

They have more than 181,000 communications sites and 140,000 properties internationally. Their sales are total $ 7.760 billion, and the profits are $1.905 billion. They have assets of more than $40.789 billion, and the market value of their company is $105.507 billion.



At first, Douglas, Hamid, and Robert started working at AMB property corporation in 1983. In 1985, they started to focus on industrial & shopping mall investment. Later, they decided to change their company name in 1991. In 1998, they officially changed the company name into ‘ProLogis.’

Besides Us, their other company is situated in Amsterdam, California, Japan, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Their corporate headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California. Prologis ‘s have $55.007 billion of assets, and their current market value is $65.949

Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group was founded on November 18, 1993. Herbert Simon and Melvin Simon founded this largest commercial-based real estate investment company and largest shopping center. Later in 1995, David Simon became CEO of this company.

They have other companies named: Taubman center, Forever 21, Simon Ventures, and more. Their headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, US. Their sales rate in 2020 was $5.674 billion, and profit was $2.087 billion. This largest real estate company’s market value is $20.406

Equinix inc

Equinix is a large real estate investment trust company founded on June 22, 1998. The founder of this American multinational company is Jay Adelson. In 2018, Charles Meyers became CEO of Equinix. Their headquarters are situated in Redwood City, California, United States.

The subsidiaries of Equinix are TelecityGroup, Terremark, Switch & Data Facilities Company, and more. Their stock price is more than $678.97 billion, and Revenue of this Equinix inc is $5.5 billion, and the market price is $58.018 billion.

Equality Residential

It’s also a real estate investment corporation that was founded in 1969. Sam Zeil founded this Equality Residential real estate company. They are apartment investors. Their parent company is ERP OPERATING LTD PARTNERSHIP. Their headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

They have more than 309 properties with 79,962 apartments situated in San Francisco, Southern California, Boston, Washington DC, New York, and Denver. Their market value is $24.209 billion, and they have more than $21.173 billion assets in their company.

Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty Trust was founded in February 2004 in California, United States, by GI partners. It became a public real estate corporation on November 4, 2004, which provides peering services, colocation, and investment in the data center. They have more than 1550 employees and 21 data centers in their company.

Digital Realty’s headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California, US. Their subsidiaries are Interxion, Digital Realty Ltd, Digital service inc. Their revenue is approximately $3.209 billion, net income $579 million, and the market value is $21.033 billion.

Public Storage

It’s an American real estate investment corporation that is also known as an international self-storage company. It was founded on August 14, 1972. Wayne Hughes founded public Storage and Kenneth Jr. Now, this company is ruled by Joseph D and Russell Jr (CEO)
Their headquarters are in Glendale, California, United States.

More than 5500 employees work in this company, and they have 2200+ Public Storage locations. In 2008, it became the fourth largest real estate investment company. Their market value is $32.386 billion.

AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities is a public trading real estate investment trust corporation founded in 1978 in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. Now this company is run by Chairman Timothy Naughton and CEO Kelvin. Their predecessors are Avalon Properties LLC and Bay Apartments communities.

AvalonBay’s headquarters are situated in Arlington, Hopewell, Virginia, and the United States. They owned more than 79,636 apartments in New Zealand, New York, Washington DC, and California. 3122 people work in their company, and their market value is $22.933 billion.

Boston Properties

Boston Properties is a public trading real estate investment company that was founded in 1970. The founders of Boston Properties are Edward Linde, Mortimer Zuckerman. The headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

They also have other offices situated in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. In 2019, they had more than 196 commercial real estate properties, and they have $52 million net apartments. Their revenue is $2.96 billion, and their assets are $21.830 billion. The market value of their company is $15.094 billion.

Vornado Realty Trust

Vornado Realty Trust was founded in Maryland, United States, founded in 1982 by Steven Roth. Their headquarters are situated in New York, United States. Steven Roth is also the CEO of this company. Mainly they invest in the office building and streets.

Their subsidiary companies are Toy R Us, Virgin megastores, building maintenance service, and more. The Vornado Realty Trust revenue is $1.924 billion, and the market price of their company is $8.374 billion.


That’s all we had to share with you. I hope you enjoyed and have been beneficial with our Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies. All these companies have been leading the real estate market for quite a long time now. These are the places that are very reliable with a professional business mind.

So if you invest here, you will be highly benefitted. Without any further delay, invest here and get your profit soon! Good luck!

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